The Rishi

Devra Adi Maa

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The Royal Path

We are blessed with a living rishi, whose very presence bestows the palpable radiance of the Divine. From the moment you walk through her doors, you are embraced by her radiance of grace for profound elevations of consciousness. As a Western Regent of the Spiritual Hierarchy, she mentors a modern realism that empowers contemporary seekers to step forward as the leaders, healers, and teachers of a new potential.  

Private Retreats & Darshan 

In the tradition of enlightened sages, the Rishi’s appearances, darshans and retreats are offered solely in the auspices of private gatherings. She is reclusive spiritual master, who bestows the direct transmission of spiritual activation, sacred knowledge and the life-changing phenomena of omni awakening.

Sedona & Scottsdale Sanctuaries

Her western sanctuaries in Sedona and Scottsdale Arizona are sanctified to enhance the high vibrational nature of her presence, for expansive surges of illumination and the in-depth personal reflections that a Rishi Regent is endowed to convey. They convene a  primary gateway of light for global awakening.

Private Sessions & Mentorships

As the light that shines behind leaders, innovators and spiritual proteges' across the globe, the Rishi offers the rare opportunity of one-on-one consultation with a spiritual master, opening the way for powerful spiritual activations, life transitions, and the resolution of karmic patterns. She is especially devoted to guiding dedicated world servers, whose life legacies are exemplary of the pure heart. 


The Archives & Online Study

The Rishi convenes the Akasha of the Immortal Masters. Her Royal Path Master Teachings are offered on her websites, Facebook, and Youtube. Renowned as one of the world's most revered repositories of enlightened teachings, housing over 3-decades of her discourses, transmissions, audio and video teachings, the Royal Path Archives are a beacon of light for global seekers, serving many generations to come.




regent, master, guide and mentor

Rishi's Welcome

Gateway to the New Potential

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Sedona & Scottsdale

Are You Called to the Exquisite and the Extraordinary?   

After waiting for the appointed time, an auspicious gateway has opened in the western United States that bestows the tangible presence of the Immortal Masters. Devra Adi Maa is a Living Rishi Regent of the Great Masters, who emanates the direct transmission of the Divine, the dynamic transmittal of planetary prophecy, and vistas of sacred knowledge that are being revealed for the very first time on our planet. Her private gathering serve the very profound purpose to ignite the awakening of "the few who will influence the many." If you long for the liberation of pure consciousness, if you are called to fully awaken in this life time.... May you be blessed to discover the Rishi... She is a jewel among jewels.

A Single Enlightened Soul Counteracts the Negativity of Many Millions... Enlightenment is the ultimate life legacy of the Clarion Call. If an excellence of divine service is your passion, if you are drawn to service leadership, if teaching is your mandate, if the healing arts are your inner imperative... The Royal Path offers you an exquisitely potent forum from which your greatest life legacy truly begins. 



Sedona Gateway for Enlightenment

Sedona Gateway

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Your Awakening is Your Legacy

Enlightened Teachings for Your Empowermentl

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Video: Rishi's Welcome to Omni Meditation

The Profound Method of Direct Transmission



DIVINE DISCOURSE EVENINGS ~ Fridays, Aug 17  &  Oct 24   7pm -to-9pm

SEDONA GATEWAY RETREAT ~ Sept 21 -to- 24   &   Dec 1 -to- 4

OMNI MEDITATION ~ Sundays, Sept 9 & Nov 11    9am -to- 12 pm  

OMNI MEDITATION TRAINING ~ Online Course click here

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