The Divine Embrace

The Royal Path with Rishi Devra

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Welcome to the Omni Awakening Experience....

Feel the presence of the sacred from the moment you walk through the doors… the Rishi’s profound transmission of enlightened teachings ignites the transcendent states of oneness and elevations of Christ Consciousness for all who long for lasting spiritual enrichment. 

Institute Programs  

Royal Path Master Teachings with Rishi Devra offers monthly Sacred Sunday Meditations, Soul Empowerment Intensives, Mastery Retreats, Advanced Programs for Initiates and the Institute's signature Omni Meditation Courses and Teacher's Certification Training.

Private Sessions

As a teacher of teachers, the Rishi is one of the few spiritual masters whose life mission focuses on personal mentoring and private sessions. In the ancient tradition of the sage, seer and spiritual guide, she brings a modern interpretation to the rare opportunity for one-on-one consultation. 


master teacher, guide and mentor

Rishi's Welcome

Sacred Knowledge

Illumination for the Modern Initiate

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Opening the Doors to a New Potential 

Accelerated Awakening for the Destiny Soul

" Enlightenment is the Clarion Call for a new potential of life mastery. As the timeless presence of the Great Masters is unveiled in its true magnitude, an opportunity like no other awaits the sincere seeker, whose life imperative embraces the ideals of an awakened life and an excellence of divine service. As a Rishi of the Great Halls of Illumination, I convene the golden keys of sacred knowledge that is our true wealth of spiritual inheritance. Thus, I call you to the Lighted Way of a new era where your greatest legacy truly begins.”

Omni Awakening Programs

Enlightened Teachings with Rishi Devra

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As a catalyst for transcendent states of oneness, the Rishi's transmission of divine presence is true food for the soul. Enriching and profoundly moving, her teachings offer the illumination of self-realization, sacred knowledge, transformational healing and the divine science of spiritual initiation in an experiential, soul-based learning environment, where personal mentoring is a primary hallmark of the Rishi’s personal mission. Monthly programs include omni meditations, empowerment intensives, mastery retreats and meditation training courses to propel your path of higher consciousness, with seasonal celebrations for fostering enlightened community.


Mastery Intensives for Soul Empowerment

FIRE OF THE FEMININE SERIES… Sacred Knowledge for Women Initiates 

ROYAL HEART MASTERY PATH… 3-Day Fall Enlightenment Retreat

OMNI MEDITATION TRAINING… Online Course - Illumination I   click here

OMNI MEDITATION TRAINING… Mastery Intensive & Teachers Certification  click here

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