Rishi Devra Adi Maa

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Welcome to Omni Awakening

The Profound Experience of Divine Transmission

The rarest of opportunities has emerged for the dedicated initiate. Devra Adi Maa is a living rishi, whose presence elcites the sacred union with the divine from the moment you walk through the doors. Her profound transmission of enlightened teachings ignites the transcendent states of Christ Consciousness for all who long for the lasting enrichment of spiritual mastery and a life legacy of enlightened world service. 

Omni Institute for the Divine Sciences

Royal Path Master Teachings with Rishi Devra are sponsored by the Omni Institute for the Divine Sciences, offering Sacred Sunday Meditations and Mastery Intensives in Scottsdale and Enlightenment Gateway Retreats in Sedona. Providing an exquisite path of sacred knowledge for initiates and adepts, the Rishi's archives of transmissions and discourses, houses one of the worlds most revered repositories of enlightened teachings providing four pathways of study and divine immersion - Omni Awakening, Omni Healing, Omni Co-Creation and Omni Enlightenment. Announcing... Sedona Gateway Retreat - Intro for the Path of Enightenment Program - May 25 - May 28.  

Raja Insight Consultations & Private Sessions

Raja Insight with the Rishi Devra is an extraordinary experience of truth, love, illumination and profoundly life-changing spiritual activations. As the light that shines behind leaders and world servers across the globe, the Rishi's mission is to guide the influential endeavors that will change and uplift the world. In the tradition of the enlightened sage and seer, she brings a modern interpretation to the rare opportunity for one-on-one consultation with a spiritual master and the mentoring of protégées' on the path of divine service. 


regent, master, guide and mentor

Rishi's Welcome

Sacred Knowledge

Illumination for the Modern Initiate

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Opening the Doors to a New Potential 

Accelerated Awakening  for the Destiny Soul

"Enlightenment is the Clarion Call for a new potential of life mastery. As the timeless presence of the Great Masters is unveiled in its true magnitude, an opportunity like no other awaits the sincere seeker, whose life imperative embraces the ideals of an awakened life and an excellence of divine service. As a Rishi of the Great Halls of Illumination, I convene the golden keys of sacred knowledge that is our true wealth of spiritual inheritance. Thus, I call you to the Lighted Way of a new era where your greatest legacy truly begins.”

Your Awakening ~Your Empowerment ~Your Legacy

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Enlightened Teachings for  Awakening. Healing, Co-Creation and Enlightenment. .... The catalyst for transcendent states of oneness and life mastery.  True food for the soul, for the palpable experience of omnipresence and the divine transmission of spiritual initiation. 

Video: Rishi's Welcome to Omni Meditation

The Profound Method of Direct Transmission




SACRED SUNDAY & OMNI MEDITATION - 9am - 12 am - May 6th and July 8


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