Meditative Art for Your Sanctuary 

For thousands of years, the artisty of making these rare stone and wood carvings and bronze and multi-metal statuary have been handed down to family members from generation to generation. As proprietors of this exquisite collection, we are also honored to be their guardians until permante loving homes are found for each priceless work of art. Our collection is derived from the anceint and spiritual civilizations of the Indian Sub-contentent with an emphasis on the Hindu and Buddist artistry and it is our joy to offer these beautiful heirloom, collector pieces, ancient and new, mystical and also custom designed to your vision.

What we present here on our website is only a very small sampling of what we love to curate. If one of our statues speaks to your heart, we invite you for private showing here at our Arizona Sanctuary. We also host sacred journeys to Nepal and India twice a year, so that our most conscientious collectors can make selections directly from our warehouses, as many of our exceptionally large statues are shipped directly from our collection in New Delhi. If you are looking for something unique, or spiritually inspirational, please be in touch with us about custom installations, including large scale works.