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Raja Insight with Rishi Devra


Private Sessions and Transformational Healing

Raja Insight with Rishi Devra offers the profound opportunity of one-on-one consultation, sessions and audiences with a spiritual master whose wide-sweeping grasp of higher aspirations and modern issues assures a grounded, as well as a deeply illumined perspective. The eastern definition of Raja Insight translates as "The Infinite Eye of Supreme Logic, " that provides the clear insight of pure consciousness for a profoundly transformational, as well as deeply clarifying experience. In the tradition of the enlightened sage or nirmankaya, her service of insight is offered to those who will lead and open the way for others. As a teacher of teachers, she focuses empowering clarity for major life transitions, pivitol decisions, spiritual activations, and private master training for healers and transformational teachers, innovators and world servers. 


Divine Grace Healing For Body, Mind and Soul

To be in the presence of an enlightened master, brings the radiance of the quickening of truth and love into what the Rishi refers to as the power of divine immediacy to resolve and restore and regenerate the natural vital state. When karmic balance permits, divine intervention and miracle healing are vehicles to receive full transformation of underlying causes to the disease state. Divine Grace Healing is the Rich's gift from the divine to those in need whose reservation of body, mind and spirit serves the divine. Please read from our testimonials in the Rishi's healing grace. Click on testimonials and then click on THE PATH OF HEALING. 

The Rare Gift of the Enlightened Radiance 

The Rishi is one of the few enlightened masters in the world today whose mission is to provide individual guidance and private mentoring to seekers and initiates from around the world during this timely hour of rapid change and new potential. She works by phone and in-person with those bright souls whose higher purpose calls for individual mentoring from a true luminary and master. As an clairvoyant "divine seer," Rishi provides the penetrative illumination that propels major shifts in higher consciousness, fostering personal and professional landmarks of higher purpose and influence, but moreover a balanced life endeavor that consummates in a "Legacy Lifetime."

awakening the new potential

"Now more than ever we must live our fullest potential. You are the heart of the home, the compassion of the community, the voice of humanity and the guardians of future generations. You are the teachers and healers, leaders and servers of a new time. This is where my call to service lies."


I remain amazed and incredibly energized. I had not expected my session to be so phenomenal. The Raja Healing approach was incredible and full of grace, simple but deeply transformative!. This is a tool I will use. I learned so much Rishi Maa, so very much and how wonderful and yes, life changing and absolutely empowering. I eagerly look forward to putting everything into practice. Thank you does not express my gratitude. " 

Linda Rangerfield, M.D.

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