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THE BENEFIT OF INDIVIDUAL FOCUS…..The Rishi convenes the rare opportunity of private intensives and mastery trainings for all aspects of personal transfroamtional development, clarity of higher purpose and functional endeavors that integrate the spiritual perspective with the practical application of timeless principles. Functional higher consciousness is her gift to all souls who seek a true enlightened master as their personal mentor. All aspects of awakening, healing, major transitions, and higher mandates that empower personal and professional clarity serve as the focal point for the dynamic transitions that the Rishi fosters. 


THE ENLIGHTENED DIFFERENCE OF SPECIFIC PURPOSE…. Each individual is invited to focus on the specific areas of insight or transformation, that they envision as being most beneficial and timely. Individual higher purpose is the Rishi's focus of empowerment. Private retreats offer a once in a lifetime opportunity to receive the Rishi's full auspices of grace and blessing, personal mentoring and mastery training. Please call or email for details and fees - see session request form below.

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Focus for Intensives

• Major personal transitions and visionary breakthroughs
• Life purpose mandates and prosperity legacies
• Spiritual awakening and sacred knowledge
• Inner transformation and the healing arts
• Entrepreneurial endeavor and enterpirse
• Insight readings and divine guidance

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" I knew I had come home to a true path that I had always known just had to exist. The Rishi's words "drink from the cup of sacred," went straight to my heart and I have not stopped drinking. What a rare opportunity that these sessions truly are. They are a God-Send and have become a regular spiritual tune-up that keeps my personal, as well as my professional life on track and anchored in light. Her transmission of love and support is really continuous and for that I am so deeply grateful!"

Laylette Agullion PhD.

philosophy professor/ long-term meditator

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Please arrive a few minutes early to be seated. The Rishi's meditations, classes, and retreats are held in an intimate setting at her Adobe of the Masters to preserve the sacred nature of the deeply profound nature of her teachings.

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