private sessions

with Rishi Devra

illumination for awakened living

Private consultations with the Rishi offer in-depth personal exploration for bringing the cohesion of intention and actualization into higher purpose and practical function. There can be no greater difference than receiving illumination from an enlightened master whose life mission is dedicated the seeking soul who "sincerely calls for the master to appear."

THE LIFE-CHANGING GATEWAY.…  Core healing, completion with the past and inner transformation resolves unconscious patterns, restoring soul-based intelligence and heart-centered mastery. Renown for her penetrating clarity, Raja Insight Sessions with Rishi Devra are a dynamic catalyst for making major life transitions with confidence and divine insight, clearing the way for a legacy of personal and professional mastery for awakened living

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Please arrive a few minutes early to be seated. The Rishi's meditations, classes, and retreats are held in an intimate setting at her Adobe of the Masters to preserve the sacred nature of the deeply profound nature of her teachings.

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