coming into the embrace of rishi devra

We welcome you to the Rishi’s beautiful sanctuary in the desert highlands just north of Phoenix and Black Mountain, overlooking the Carefree - Cave Creek area. Please be in touch with us by email or phone to make your request to schedule your appointment and to receive your newcomers brochure with all the details that you need for your first visit, directions to the Abode and visitor’s parking.

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Reflections from a Private Audience

“From the moment l got out of my car, l was astounded by the love and presence that was so palpable...thank you for making such an experience a life changing event for all of us... even the food was a spiritual experience. Thank you for providing this extraordinary time for all of us to see grace and abundance through you...your love was so life-changing.  We are so deeply touched by your wisdom. We are the souls of the new potential... l surely do love you... “

L. L. -spiritual teacher from Tempe, Arizona

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enlightened endeavor

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collaborative endeavor


THE GIFT OF PRIVATE AUDIENCES…. The Rishi graciously offers one-on-one audiences and meetings with teachers and healers, leaders, innovators and organizations that seek to uplift our community or the world at large. She is especially committed to supporting positive endeavors for local or regional projects, global awakening, the healing arts, sacred art and music, as well as the technologies and sciences that bring solutions to our shared planetary conditions.


INSIGHT OF AN ENLIGHTENED MASTER… As a brilliant mind and an all-loving heart, Rishi welcomes collaborative projects and philanthropic endeavor, and invites meeting with like-minded groups for exchanging insight, reflection, dialog and blessing. Private audiences are typically 1-2 hours in length that offer a memorable experience with an illumined master.  

The Rishi also accepts invitations to speak, offer auspicious blessings and appear at special occasions. 


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Please arrive a few minutes early to be seated. The Rishi's meditations, classes, and retreats are held in an intimate setting at her Adobe of the Masters to preserve the sacred nature of the deeply profound nature of her teachings.

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