Seed Funding & Endowments

Enlightened Philanthropy & Wisdom Giving

thank you for your wisdom of generosity...

We invite you to make your donations a conscious declaration of abundance by joining us in prayerfully reciting the Rishi’s auspiscious  "Invocation for Abundance and Prosperity." We join together on the first each month to make our tithes while reading this powerful tribute to the Rishi’s enlightened wisdom. Now more than ever, we are called to support the imperative of higher consciousness that will define our legacies for future generations. Every seed donation, large or small, is directed toward the Rishi's ongoing outreach of teachings, books and programs, as well as her Institute, her website and her mic needs Sanctuaries. Learn more about our GOLDEN FLAME FELLOWSHIP for benefactors. We would love to hear from you - contact: or call: 480-575-1276. 

Seed Donations to Omni Institute

To learn more about our Seed Donations, please contact us.


sustaining endowments

To learn more about our Golden Flame Fellowship for Benefactors, please contact us.

Golden Flame Patron Member. Endowment of +$10,000.00
Golden Flame Sustaining Member. Endowment of +$50,000.00
Golden Flame Endowing Member. Endowment of +$100,000.00
Golden Flame Raja Benefactor. Endowment of +$500,000.00