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Namaste! Dear Friends of Nepal… 100% of funds go directly to victims!

My name is Krishna Lohani. With Rishi Devra's help and blessings, we are rapidly making progress each day now. Many of the photos below are from my own village and with winter coming far more assistance is needed. I and my wife Kamala have the great privilege of being born and raised in Nepal, receiving my law degree and then meeting the Rishi in Katmandu fifteen years ago, during one of her many pilgrimages to the monasteries.  The devastation is heart-breaking, but we are steadily bringing smiles to grief stricken faces. Absolutely 100% of your contribution will go directly to rebuild homes, buy food, seeds and survival supplies. As a trained attorney, I am dedicated to avoiding the administrative overhead of big organization. Rishi has posted her photos of our on the ground efforts below, to show you the progress of our project. Thank you for your generosity and kindness. Thank You Rishi Maa, I have no doubt that your December Fundraiser and Abundance Celebration will be a huge success. I will be there !!

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One Village At A Time - Relief Fund   Rishi Devra's hands-on help for Nepal's earthquake victims, moves from her many years of steeping in the sacred teaching of the masters, sadhus and vernable rinpoches of the region. The urgent need to get immedate survival supplies to rural, high-elevation areas, is taking place one day at a time, one village at a time, as she works with her long time student Krishni Lohani, a native of Nepal, who has a law degree and has accompanied the Rishi on her many sojourns to the holy sites and monestaries of the high Himalayas. She has been a benefactor Nepals monasteries over the years, with a special connection with the Tengboche Monastery near Base Camp Mt. Everest. Krishna relief project "ONE VILLAGE AT A TIME " has been a miracle to many souls as he has quickly gotten relief supplies to victims since the earth quake took place. Our project is long term to rebuild the global treasure of Nepal. Please give what you can. Every dollar goes a long way! To make a donation now, click to One Village site. 

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