The Rishi Has Opened Her Doors

Private Retreats, Meditations and Discourses

The Sedona and Scottsdale Sanctuaries

Alignment, Awakening, Ascension

In the tradition of the Great Masters, the Rishi’s appearances, meditations, and retreats are offered solely in the sacred auspices of small, private gatherings, for the rare experience of personal exchange with Living Rishi, in observance of her purity of divine transmission and the life-changing phenomena of Omni Awakening. 

Her presence is an embodied gateway for the Spiritual Hierarchy that bestows the Shakti of Spiritual Quickening to ignite elevated states of consciousness and telepathic connection to the Divine. Having guided initiates from around the world for four decades, she brilliantly mentors a modern realism that empowers contemporary initiates to step forward as the leaders, healers, and teachers of a new human potential, through the illumination of the pure mind and the infinite wisdom of the enlightened heart.   

Her Western Sanctuaries...

The Rishi’s sanctuaries are sanctified to serve the presence of an enlightened master, and the over-lighting of the spiritual hierarchy for expansive surges of illumination and the in-depth personal reflections that a Rishi Regent is endowed to convey. Please be warmly welcomed to request attendance for this very special opportunity, as the Rishi opens her doors to accept new souls into the radiance of the Royal Path of the Great Masters

The Presence of an Enlightened Master...

The Rishi is a modern saint, holy mother, and executor of the Divine Plan. She is a Planetary Regent of the Great Masters, gifted with a rare degree of clairvoyance since childhood, a genius intellect and a masterful comprehension of global dynamics  Her divine transmission elicits a profound quickening of spiritual light and it is common for soul merges, Christ Anointing, holy spirit revelation, light body expansion and spiritual initiation to occur in her presence. Sitting with a Rishi Regent is a life-changing experience for all who long for deep inner-awakening, profound elevations of transcendence and an unparalleled transmittal of sacred knowledge. 

*To apply for attendance, kindly submit your request to: info@The                              Or call 480.575.1276.  Upon RSVP / registration, directions & gate codes will be given. 

From the Rishi…

I have awaited for the appointed time to unveil my presence to those whose lives are dedicated to divine service. I have had the auspicious privilege of working directly with the Immortal Masters since childhood, a majestic opening that was made possible by my beloved grandmother, a charismatic healer and clairvoyant, who herself was a full member of the Brotherhood of Light. This set the stage for the direct tutelage with the Ascended Masters and a lifetime of divine service.

In the mid 1980s, I received my call to serve the "Great Work" of transmitting the ageless teachings, initiating and guiding souls in the art of Omni Meditation, spiritual mastery and also to commence archiving the Akasha of the Great Masters as a global library. The archive is a work in progress, that  stands as a testament to the Universal Halls of Illumination. The exquisite nature of transmittal teachings are timeless, yet they are also profoundly practical in the most critical ways for bringing self-mastery into one's own life. The archives are sanctified to become one of the most enriched repositories of sacred knowledge in the world. They  will endure far beyond my lifetime and future generations will drink from this remarkable chalice of sacred knowledge and more importantly from the divine presence that the archives so powerfully transmit.
With this brief explanation of the purpose of the Royal Path Archives, I offer my life of service to each of you who hunger for liberation. My Clarion Call is now in full swing to all who realize that the ultimate life legacy is the enlightened state.  As I open my doors, the intention is set to usher no less than twelve souls through the gateway of The Royal Path to their full enlightenment during the coming decade. As these twelve are anointed and initiated, the phenomena of the "Twelve by Twelve" will begin. As I seek you, perhaps you also seek me. If so, welcome to the golden shores of The New Potential."


comment from seeker

”Dear Rishi Ma… Thank you is not enough to say for all your energy and love that you continually pour out to the world and to each of us. We have grown to love you very much. Your teachings have made all the difference, after so many years of searching. I am so grateful that you were called to Phoenix. What a miracle! It has been completely life-changing to have my meditations deepen so profoundly and to experience so many aspects of the path coming into wholeness. I pass all that I can on to my patients, thanks to the doors you have opened. 

MARY MAURER, acupuncturist

Owner- ASIAN HEALING ARTS, Scottsdale Arizona

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