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       Sedona Retreat with Rishi Devra

         November 18 thru November 19 

Two full days....join Rishi Devra Adi Maa Surya Sai Durga Devi for a profound experience of omni transmission and spiritual awakening ~ Enlightened teachings on planetary prophecy, divine dispensation for initiates, opening your Akashic Records and sacred knowledge for awakening and ascension.

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A planetary opening of utmost significance is called to take place in Sedona, that will afford initiates on a global basis an unprecedented acceleration of consciousness and empowerment.  The call is put forth by the Spiritual Hierarchy and will be convened by spiritual master Rishi Devra to actuate an increase and adjustment of the region's vortexes, as a dynamic trigger for vitalizing our planet's matrix of Unity Consciousness. An unprecedented assembly of guardian masters and archangels will gather with the Rishi for an omniscient emanation of illumination to receptive souls worldwide.

The Rishi is calling to sincere seekers and initiates to take part in a divine dispensation of the highest order, that moves from the Prime Directive for a monumental increase of spiritual energy to bring balance and illumination to the precarious nature of our current world conditions. As part of this Logos Dispensation, an increased opening for the sacred gateway of spiritual initiation and enlightenment will be afforded, for those whose willingness, karmic balance  and purity of motivation align with the universal principles of selflessness service as instruments of the divine plan.  

A deeply immersive spiritual experience of accelerated awakening and the direct transmittal of sacred knowledge awaits you.  The radiance of supreme light and the Initiations of Christ Consciousness offer an auspicious, life-changing opportunity to receive a profound influx of spiritual activation, grounded by the love and guidance of personal mentoring and akashic readings for your soul from the Rishi.

This gathering for intensive awakening is convened  in the intimacy of a private retreat setting to preserve the sanctity of the Initiations of Christ Consciousness and the rapid ascent of expansions of consciousness for the flowering of the enlightened heart. Convened in the high-energy vibration of Sedona, for an unprecedented gateway of  illumination and service to the divine plan.

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$750 per Gateway retreat, inclusive of lunch buffet
9am to 6pm each day  *Early registration advised.  

contact or call 480.575.1276

Retreats with Rishi

"The gift of love and grace received from this illumined Master is nearly impossible to put into words. A deep knowing unfolded within my entire being, bringing me home to my Master Self. Rishi Devra is a perfection Divine presence in human form, grounded in the grit of her humanness. Profound truth is delivered with gusto, compassion and humor. I have never felt more alive, more connected to the Divine and more certain of my path. I am filled with gratitude beyond measure!"                                                                             

Mary Gangemi… transformational healer, family matrix work & Certified Life Vessel Provider                                                                                             

"I have not stopped being amazed. Rishi Devra is an experiential master at its finest. If you are looking for enlightened teachings, look no further. She is right here in our own back yard. I could not be more elated. Her intensives are the cream de la cream." 

Sharon Walters... dedicated seeker, transformational healer and teacher

"There are simply no words to express the profound nature of sitting with a spiritual master of the Rishi's caliber of presence. This says it all. So, one can try to imagine having a private retreat or intensive with a "virtual wellspring of living divinity," but to actually experience it, leaves one humble, immensely expanded and deeply grateful with few words that suffice that can do such an experience justice."

Julio Williams, MD...cardiologist and thorasic surgeon, avid seeker 

"Rishi Maa, Please accept my heartfelt gratitude for such an amazing Summer Solstice Retreat!!! It is hard to put into words the power and depth and completeness of this weekend! On one hand, your teachings are simple enough to guide me in my everyday questions and doubts. On the other hand, the profoundness of the transmissions light up my path and open up a doorway of grace!! Thank you so much for your love and taking the time to hold our hands and literally teach us how to walk on the path! Thank you!! I feel so blessed to have received it!"                                                                                

Bhavna Gupta... educator, meditation practitioner

"I have been a student of Rishi Devra for several years and what an amazing experience it is. She is a most beloved enlightened teacher and yet very down-to earth. Acceleration on my spiritual path has been exponential through her divine energy transmissions. This experience of her presence is indescribable and beyond anything that I have seen or experienced after attending countless groups and events of a spiritual nature.  All other teachings pale in comparison.  

Alan McDonald… retired space engineer, spiritual teacher and Reiki healer.

"For me, I found that Rishi Devra is delightfully "real." Yet, her presence radiates an unmistakable high vibration that allows the ego to be gracefully exposed so that deep inner work can free the seeker. I saw and felt her as Divine Presence. Her ability to heal illusion at the "root" of the issue allows my inner healing to be "realized and embraced." I recommend this beautiful teacher to all who seek awakening and transformation. Her enlightenment is a gift to us all"       

Christina LaSpina… seeker & mother of gifted child