The Path of Enlightenment



March 19-22 and June 20-23, 2019

9AM -to- 6pm

Four Exquisite Days with the Rishi

~ the life legacy of enlightenment ~ 

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mentoring initiates, adepts and spiritual protégées in the sacred art of divine service, living mastery and the four stages of enlightenment  

A Rare Opportunity.... The first program of its of in the west, the Rishi is commencing her long awaited Path of Enlightenment in the majesty red rocks of Sedona.  An extraordinary opportunity for contemporary initiates to recieive The Prime Directive Activation, an amplification of supreme light that will prepare and accelerate masterful service the divine plan and for the flowering of enlightenment.
Sedona Gateway Retreats are an auspicious opportunity to work directly with an enlightened master. Each Gateway Retreat serves as a major focal point for planetary prophecy and the holiness of spiritual initiation. Enlightened teachings and spiritual activation for awakened mastery offer the opportunity of a lifetime for world servers. Initiates will take part in a collective acceleration of omni awakening, through source-transmission activations, samyama samadhi meditation and the holiness of spiritual initiation. Planetary prophecy and divine plan directives will be ongoing, to guide initiates and world servers through the coming years of global transition, empowering members to navigate unstable world conditions with grace and wisdom, as guardians and way showers of a new humanity.
Retreat Fee $2,000 - Four Dynamic Days in the Sedona Gateway
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The Four Thresholds of Enlightenment
Sacred Knowledge Transmission  
Service to the Divine Plan
Planetary Prophecy
Life Mandates
Divine Transmission: Immersive illumination through the direct transmission of Omnipresence will provide a hieghtened-vibrational learning forum for dynamic discourse, and enrichment through shared contribution as teachers, healers, and leaders will enhance the dynamic quickening of omnipresence that opens the thresholds of Christ Consciousness and the Oneness of Omnipresence by convening the Master Self Presence of all members in the empowerment of collective divine synthesis.

Individual Mentoring: The Path of Enlightenment provides for the development of each members’ spiritual endowments and will be fostered through the Rishi’s masterful mentoring and insight of love and wisdom. Having trained seekers across the globe for three decades, she brings an enlightened knowing to the process of awakening the god-self abilities of intuition, telepathy, clairvoyance and clairaudience, radiatory and magnetic broadcasting, and the shiddhi abilities that are inherent to each member, that serve to enhance the fulfillment of their divine mandates, service endeavors, the over-lighting of the great masters, and progressive entrance into the benevolence of the spiritual hierarchy. The Rishi will provide enlightened teachings and spiritual activation for the four stages of enlightenment. The unified endeavor of the her first inaugurating group of adepts and spiritual protégées will be a landmark for global awakening.

Private Retreats: The Sedona Gateways are convened in the intimacy of a private retreat setting to preserve the sanctity of the holy process of the Initiations of Christ Consciousness. They are held in the tranquility of a secluded private estate. It is advised not to delay in submitting your application for admittance into the program, if you are sincerely interested in taking part in this extraordinary opportunity. Lodging is available throughout Sedona, and in near by towns, a relatively small area with many lodging options in all price ranges - Due to the possibility of full occupancy during tourists seasons, early hotel reservations are advised. 

*The Sedona Gateway Retreats are open to all accepted applicants, who may attend as often as desired. 

4-Day  Sedona Gateway Retreats                               

Mar 19-22 and June 20-23, 2019

 Retreat Fee: $2,000 is inclusive of daily luncheon buffet, sans lodging


*Attendance to one or more Gateway Retreats is required for acceptance into new The Path of Enlightenment commencing in April of 2019, which is an annual program of three 7-day sessions. Path of Enlightenment initiates receive ongoing mentoring with the Rishi, and online study of her advanced sacred knowledge transmissions for adepts and arhats. Investment and fees for the Enlightenment Program upon request for application. *a small number of work-trade exchanges will be available, if you are interested in staff position to assist with the retreat, please make your request to serve on the Omni Institute ASAP:

7-Day Path of Enlightenment 2019 

 July 25-31 and Oct 19-25, 2019 

*attendance by accepted application - early registration is advised. or call 480.575.1276
hosted by the Omni Institute for the Divine Sciences

Retreats with Rishi

"The gift of love and grace received from this illumined Master is nearly impossible to put into words. A deep knowing unfolded within my entire being, bringing me home to my Master Self. Rishi Devra is a perfection Divine presence in human form, grounded in the grit of her humanness. Profound truth is delivered with gusto, compassion and humor. I have never felt more alive, more connected to the Divine and more certain of my path. I am filled with gratitude beyond measure!"                                                                             

Mary Gangemi… transformational healer, family matrix work & Certified Life Vessel Provider                                                                                             

"I have not stopped being amazed. Rishi Devra is an experiential master at its finest. If you are looking for enlightened teachings, look no further. She is right here in our own back yard. I could not be more elated. Her intensives are the cream de la cream." 

Sharon Walters... dedicated seeker, transformational healer and teacher

"There are simply no words to express the profound nature of sitting with a spiritual master of the Rishi's caliber of presence. This says it all. So, one can try to imagine having a private retreat or intensive with a "virtual wellspring of living divinity," but to actually experience it, leaves one humble, immensely expanded and deeply grateful with few words that suffice that can do such an experience justice."

Julio Williams, MD...cardiologist and thorasic surgeon, avid seeker 

"Rishi Maa, Please accept my heartfelt gratitude for such an amazing Summer Solstice Retreat!!! It is hard to put into words the power and depth and completeness of this weekend! On one hand, your teachings are simple enough to guide me in my everyday questions and doubts. On the other hand, the profoundness of the transmissions light up my path and open up a doorway of grace!! Thank you so much for your love and taking the time to hold our hands and literally teach us how to walk on the path! Thank you!! I feel so blessed to have received it!"                                                                                

Bhavna Gupta... educator, meditation practitioner

"I have been a student of Rishi Devra for several years and what an amazing experience it is. She is a most beloved enlightened teacher and yet very down-to earth. Acceleration on my spiritual path has been exponential through her divine energy transmissions. This experience of her presence is indescribable and beyond anything that I have seen or experienced after attending countless groups and events of a spiritual nature.  All other teachings pale in comparison.  

Alan McDonald… retired space engineer, spiritual teacher and Reiki healer.

"For me, I found that Rishi Devra is delightfully "real." Yet, her presence radiates an unmistakable high vibration that allows the ego to be gracefully exposed so that deep inner work can free the seeker. I saw and felt her as Divine Presence. Her ability to heal illusion at the "root" of the issue allows my inner healing to be "realized and embraced." I recommend this beautiful teacher to all who seek awakening and transformation. Her enlightenment is a gift to us all"       

Christina LaSpina… seeker & mother of gifted child