Royal Path Master Teachings


Meditation with the Great Masters

January 20th and March 10th, 2019

Sunday Morning 9am -to- 12pm

Welcome to the Rishi’s sanctuary for the immersive experience of Divine Transmission Meditation that empowers rapid transcendence, access to higher guidance and direct connection with your master self. The Rishi's Sacred Sundays are an auspicious gateway for sacred knowledge and accelerated awakening - a special opportunity to experience the spiritual activation of divine transmission and enlightened teachings from a spiritual regent. Sacred Sundays are offered as private meditations by invitation held in the Rishi's North Scottsdale Sanctuary in Happy Valley and are followed by fellowship and refreshments.    *You are warmly invited to request attendance and confirm your RSVP.

Offered by donation  Your wisdom of generosity is appreciated. Click here to donate via PayPal. Please RSVP and arrive a few minutes early to be seated. Email to request attendance: or 480-619-0818.  Sponsored by The Omni Institute: 

Rishi's North Scottsdale Sanctuary in Happy Valley - Upon RSVP, you will receive directions, address and gate code. 

Divine Discourse & Darshan

 An Evening with the Rishi 

February 1st, 2019

7 pm -to- 9pm 

A special opportunity to receive the Rishi’s grace and wisdom. Join us for an exquisite evening of spiritual immersion, contemplative discourse and personal exchange with the Rishi. Experience the radiance of Christ Consciousness and darshan with the Rishi, a profound catalyst for awakening, transformational healing and lasting spiritual enrichment.  An intimate, private gathering at the Rishi’s Sanctuary, in Happy Valley, North Scottsdale.  Kindly submit your request for attendance. Upon RSVP, you will receive gate code and directions and your space will be reserved.  

Offered by donation. Your generosity of support is greatly appreciated. Click here to donate via PayPal. Or submit your request: 480-619-0818. Sponsored by The OMNI Institute:

Rishi's North Scottsdale Sanctuary - Happy Valley Road near the Pima Road and the 101 freeway. Upon RSVP, you will receive directions, address and gate code.