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Royal Path Master Teachings


Welcome to Omni Meditation and the radiance of the divine embrace, as the profound phenomena of enlightened presence envelopes you with the timeless illumination of pure consciousness. Omni Meditation is an immersive experience that empowers rapid transcendence, access to higher guidance and direct connection with your master self. Each month, the Rishi offers a Sacred Sunday, opening an auspicious gateway for sacred knowledge teachings, accelerated awakening and the personal mastery that manifests your soul's higher purpose.

Offered on a donation basis.  Please RSVP by contacting and arrive a few minutes early to be seated.

Nov 5     Dec3

Rishi's North Scottsdale Sanctuary 

Happy Valley near the Pima Road and the 101 freeway. Upon RSVP, you will receive directions, address and gate code. 

Fire of the Feminine

Rishi Devra's master-meditation group for female initiates brings a deeply committed spiritual focus to the sacred role that feminine spirituality is called to play for attaining enlightenment and igniting the process of ascension. This master-group is limited to a committed small group setting for maximum activation of sacred knowledge and awakening of the empowerment of feminine shakti. *Early registration is advised.

10 am to 2 pm   $120 per mastery session.  Please RSVP & Register                                    

Dec 16

Rishi's North Scottsdale Sanctuary 

Happy Valley near the Pima Road and the 101 freeway. Upon RSVP, you will receive directions, address and gate code

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The Profound Method of Direct Transmission

Rishi's Signature Meditation - A truly empowering meditation path of proven effectiveness, for expansive shifts in higher consciousness for thousands of students worldwide. A must have, for your at home library, for the direct transmittal of omnipresence and saved knowledge that enhances all modalities and previous levels of experience with the radiance of illumination and the timeless foundation of enlightened teachings. Increasing your vibration is key to the sacred art of transcending the ego-mind to access higher states of consciousness.

The Profound Method of Direct Transmission.mp4 

The Mastery Training that empowers you to hold and sustain divine alignment, access your higher-self, soul & master-self, make connection to your spiritual guides and masters, awaken intuition, open eye sensitivity, deepen heart-centered awareness, enhance all modalities of meditative focus, receive influxes of spiritual quickening and divine energy, attain equanimity and compassion and prepare initiates to take initiation. 

A phenomenal compilation of discourses, transmissions, sacred knowledge, diagrams, guided meditations, teaching videos and inspirational visuals. An amazing opportunity for soul-based learning and in-depth training for Omni Meditation. The perfect solution for personal mastery at your own pace !

 "Master the Method, Embody the Radiance "

  Illumination I Online Training - Course: Fee $225  * Click here for link