Sedona Enlightenment Gateway for Christ Consciousness

Private Retreat Guidelines


A private retreat with Rishi Devra is an immersive experience in the divine. The deeper your immersion, the greater your awakening and the more encompassing your transformation on a lasting basis. As you prepare for attendance, your heartfelt alignment, highest intentions and eager openness provide you with an optimum entry into her presence, as well as a heightened connection with your master-self and spiritual guides. You will be joining like-minded souls who respect and honor your path and embrace your process of self-realization. Becoming empty of agenda, and yet, welcoming of the divine embrace, brings the beauty and power of the principle of “spiritual anticipation” into an active potency.

The Rishi’s broadcast of divine radiance to you personally begins before the first day of your retreat. Setting your intention to be more mindfully aware prior to your arrival allows your heart of hearts, energy field, and your Antahkarana—"pillar of light"—to begin making the shift to a more cohesive, coherency of vibration and consciousness. Put aside your personal obligations as much as possible for the period of the retreat. Give your cell phone a much-needed rest. Cell phones must be turned off at all times while in the Rishi's Abode. 

The Rishi's private retreats are offered on an invitational basis and each applicant receives the illumination of the Master Rishi Devra Adi Maa to increase the spiritual quickening of higher consciousness as you take the step to enter the Enlightenment Gateway.  Taking time to center yourself by early arrival is the greatest gift to your soul that you can provide. When possible, it is advised to arrive a day or two early to bask in the beauty and heightened energy of Sedona. Taking time to stay a least an additional day after the weekend, gives you the very critical time to integrate your experience, rest and recharge. The Rishi's presence emanates a very potent radiance and taking spiritual initiation is common. Integrating your initiation afterward is essential to anchoring your new vibration into your life.   

Daily Arrival: 9:00 am Morning sessions will begin promptly. Please arrive at our private estate ( location and gate code upon registration) no later than 8:45 am each morning. We will begin alignment, centering, meditation and mantra prior to the Rishi's entrance at 10 am. Each day as you arrive, attune to the sacred vibration that envelopes the Abode well before you walk through the doors. Your sincerity of attunement is your assurance to receive the greatest overall illumination that elicits the personal breakthroughs that are the hallmark of your deepening with the Rishi.

Dietary Needs: Please let us know of any food allergies, dietary restrictions or observances you may have. Our lunch buffet and desserts will be as organic as possible, and non-dairy, non-gluten, and vegetarian options will be labeled. Honey and stevia will be provided as sweeteners. In some cases, you may need to bring any specific items with you and also label them with your name, so that they are identified in the refrigerator etc.  Rishi advises eating light in the evening. An evening snack or light meal is likely to be sufficient. A sustaining breakfast is advised with protein. Keeping your blood sugar levels balanced is a positive. Cheese, crackers, granola, nuts, and fruit will be available, in addition to the noon-time buffet.

Apparel: Please be attentive to wear respectful apparel that honors the light of your soul, the spiritual master Rishi Devra, as well as your group members. Modesty for females and dignity for males is encouraged as a means of shifting your focus to your higher self. The Rishi's wisdom of advisement, is that as you take care to consciously clothe yourself to honor your divinity, you  are bringing sacred energy to your experience. You are entering a sacred space each day and preparing yourself consciously to do so, brings a depth of energy awareness to how you honor yourself and the significance that you place upon your retreat as a spiritual gateway for your ascension of consciousness. You may wish to rest and even take a nap during the afternoon break period and freshen your clothing mid-day if you wish. Please also feel free to bring any personal items that enhance your meditations such as favorite cushions, shawls, slippers or other supportive items. The Rishi's initiates often like to wear white to a private retreat of this profound nature, however, the principle that we encourage overall is to honor your highest intentions.

Group Consciousness: A reverent respectful attitude of  “satsang and darshan" is encouraged, which means to share truth, by leaving your shoes or ego at the door, sans your professional facade, symbolically barefooted and empty-handed.  Attune to the soul energy of the group with whom you will share your aspirations for personal growth. The amassing of the group energy throughout the retreat, as well as thereafter is a monumental positive for one and all. "Meditative Samyama” will be an active observance of liberation and service to all beings. Service is a powerful principle, one that the Rishi emphasizes. The humility of the selfless-self is the most empowered state of presence. Being willing to drop the persona, to wholly embrace your illumined presence is your gift to yourself and to the group of fellow travelers with whom you are entering the gateway of a divine journey. Offering your progression of awakening as a sacred intention for the awakening of all souls promotes a selfless attitude. What you heal, learn, and awaken within yourself is energetically potent to empower souls to have similar openings on a global basis, when your intention fosters planetary transformation and awakening for all beings. The Rishi is a Planetary Regent of the Great Masters, whose mission embraces a global scope of higher purpose, thus her presence always broadcasts illumination for all beings.

Personal Care: Drink more water than usual. The Arizona weather is both hot and dry and hydration will be essential. The process of high-energy purification also requires plenty of water to continually flush your system. Fortify your body more than usual. Provide your body with multi-vitamins and minerals and support your system with digestive aids such a probiotics.  Rest more than usual. Sleep more than usual before and after your retreat.  Withdraw from mundane, worldly drama as much as possible. Avoid excessive caffeine and alcohol; both are dehydrating and toxic in excess. Give your cell phone a true rest. Let friends, family, and colleagues know that you will be “on retreat.” Breathe deeply and fully, taking cleansing breaths throughout the day. Let your body relax and “let-down.” When you exhale deepen your relaxation and truly “let go.” Let your feet connect and ground with Mother Earth and let your heart soar and immerse with the Divine Embrace.

We wish you a truly beautiful and uplifting experience with the Rishi. Please feel free to give us a call with any questions, concerns or comments you might have. If you need immediate assistance after hours, mountain standard time, please call Leslie for an expedient response.


Warmest Blessings for Your Journey,

Office Phone: 480-575-1276

Leslie - 480-865-5000 assistant to Rishi