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Transformation, Enlightenment & Immortality                                                                                                                                                              

You are invited to walk through the doors of a deeply immersive spiritual experience. As you are enveloped by the grace of the Rishi's presence, the embrace of enlightened teachings and the profound elevation of vibration opens the direct connection to your Master Self, renewing your essential oneness with the Great Masters and Universal Guardians whose enlightenment shines upon the soul's journey of awakening. The Rishi welcomes you to the celestial portals of supreme light for activating divine positives in the lives of serving souls. Receive the profound illumination of the direct transmission of sacred knowledge and the life-changing Initiations of Christ Consciousness, an omniscient blessing of exquisite spiritual enrichment.


Joining the Rishi, is renowned sacred singer Surender Talwar, member of the United Nations International Choir, a chant master of eloquent presence, whose devotion inspires the a sublime transcendence and flowering of the sacred heart. The sanctity of this retreat is extended to dedicated seekers, initiates and adepts on an invitation basis, limited to the readership of this website  individual reference or personal invitation. If you wish to include a beloved spiritual friend, companion or family member to this very special retreat, please provide your reference for their attendance.

Retreat Attendance Fee $1200   Attendance with Scholarship $700 

* work trades are available upon early request                                                             A light buffet will be served both days, with fellowship desert at the close of the retreat.

To RSVP and register contact registrant Bruno Allaire or call 480.575.1276 
For general info email us

Seating will be limited. Early registration is advised

Upon registration by email, you will receive the address, directions and gate code for the Rishi's Abode of the Masters, located  in the Happy Valley area of north Scottsdale, near the Pima Road exit of the 101 freeway. You will also receive a link to helpful retreat guidelines to optimize your greatest potential of experience You will also receive a link to helpful retreat guidelines and logistical information to optimize your  experience with the Rishi. Please arrive no late than 9:15 am each day to begin alignment and centering meditation prior to the Rishi's entrance at 10am.  



Private Audiances

Welcome to the world of a spiritual master….

The Rishi welcomes requests for private audiences and visits from seekers and initiates, community leaders and like-minded organizations. You are also welcome to request a private showing of her sacred art collection at her desert sanctuary in the Happy Valley area of North Scottsdale. - or call us at: 480.619.0818  

"The Rishi Collection"

Sacred Art and Antiquities

We invite you to personally experience this amazing collection of rare finds, which have been lovingly curated directly from the Himalayas. Our collection features life-sized, hand-carved statues and mammoth wall-sized Tibetan Thangkas and Mandala "master paintings," that are endowed with the prayers and meditations of their artists, with some pieces having such exquisite detail they require over a year to complete. As a renowned meditation master, the exceptional nature of this collection is a reflection of Rishi Devra's long-standing personal relationships with the monasteries and craftsmen of the region. Each piece is brought to you directly from the artists’ hands and hearts and many of our pieces are hand-carried down some of the world's highest Himalayan trails from high altitude monasteries and villages, including the Tengboche Monastery of Mt. Everest.


Experience Rishi’s collection online and watch her inspiring video about the profound purpose and principle of the ancient tradition of meditative artistry.

PRIVATE SHOWINGS  To experience the rarity and profound beauty of these works in person, please call for your private showing to see The Rishi Collection in the scenic desert highlands of Cave Creek Valley, just north of Phoenix and Scottsdale and just a few minutes north of the Boulders Resort. 

Call Bruno Allaire - Manager  480-575-1276
Call for directions to Carefree, Arizona 85377

*just north of the Boulders Resort