rishi of the royal path

Enlightened Teachings for a New Potential

 Welcome to the Divine Embrace...

We are blessed with a Living Master in our midst, who opens the way for the seeking soul with the profound radiance of divine love and the illumination of pure grace. As founder of the Omni Awakening Institute and its programs for mediative mastery, Rishi Devra is dedicated to fostering global transformation through the spiritual awakening of those who will lead the way. Private mentoring for serious students of the sacred is the Rishi's life calling. Rapid individual awakening under the watchful eye of an enlightened master offers the rarest of opportunities for contemporary initiates. Private sessions and mentorship programs for initiates provides an exceptional degree of momentum for those who know their time is come and this lifetime is their "Legacy Lifetime." 

Enlightened Teachings…

To enrich her programs and provide true food for the soul, the Rishi's personal archives are recognized as one of most comprehensive repositories of enlightened teachings in the world, housing over 3 decades of her transmissions and discourses. Her emergence as a 'teacher of teachers' in the early 1990's, was soon followed by founding her institute in the United States and Europe, which provided retreats and credentialed programs for over fifteen years for transformational teachers and initiates, healers and healthcare professionals who wisely sought a pure wellspring for illumination and in-depth training in the healing arts. In recent years, her Phoenix based, Omni Awakening Institute for Mediative Mastery continues her mission for global awakening, offering ongoing programs for awakening, meditation training and personal transformation Mastery Intensives. We welcome you to experience her profoundly impactful Royal Path Transmissions, discourses and guided meditations in both audio and video format. 

Rishi Devra's Life Journey

The Rishi personal history is an enriched tapestry of life experience. Regarded as a Lotus Born Soul by pundits, yogis and elders, she retained her sense of divine presence from birth and even as a toddler was cognizant of incarnating into a physical body with a higher destiny to fulfill. Her link to the divine worlds was further encouraged by her paternal grandmother, a devout charismatic healer and clairvoyant, who was a legendary pillar in her rural community and mother to thirteen children.

Life Journey