The Rishi of the New Potential

The Sedona and Scottdale Sanctuaries

The Sedona and Scottsdale Abodes... As a spiritual guardian of the western region of the United States, her presence in both Sedona and Scottdale is a blessing for all souls and especially for those who seek spiritual enrichment and the ultimate awakening of enlightenment. Her path of awakening has moved from an enriched epic of life experience that has encircled the globe. Embraced and recognized by spiritual heads and enlightened masters of multiple tradions, she is regarded as a 'Lotus Born Soul' by pundits and yogic masters.

Western Luminary, Sage of Ancient Wisdom, Embodiment of Feminine Mastery... She is embraced as the Rishi Elder and Sage of Sedona and the Illuminary and Oracle of Black Mountian, an area left to be sacred by our Native Americans, which is located in the desert highlands, north of Scottsdale. The Rishi retained her sense of divine presence from birth and even as a toddler was cognizant of incarnating into a physical body with a higher destiny to fulfill. Her link to the divine worlds was encouraged by her paternal grandmother, a devout charismatic healer and clairvoyant, who taught her to navigate the spirit world of masters and angels throughout her childhood, with past life recall and the ability to see into the future as her commonplace occurrence.

Her Dedication to the Great Masters... She received her first spiritual initiation at the age of seven, being spontaneously flooded with wave after wave of light, future prophecy and revelation of her life purpose. The presence of the Great Masters, flooded her with divine illumination for many months thereafter,durign which time she received her "call to serve the world." Throughout adolescence, the Rishi continued to receive the ageless wisdoms from the hierarchy of spiritual masters, who continued to appear to her directly to give her an in-depth understanding of the soul's universal existence and the malleable fluidity of our reality as masterful co-creators of a benevolent potential for a new world of peace and prosperity, spiritual growth and the supra genius of enlightenment.

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If you or your organization would like to meet with Rishi Devra for a private audience, you may be in touch with us to request a visit to her Abode of the Masters in the desert highlands north of Phoenix, Arizona.

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Inspired to embrace a meditative, aesthetic lifestyle, she moved to the quietude of the Rocky Mountains in the Western United States, married and became a householder raising three children. Regarding the planet as a living entity, she engaged in large-scale organic farming, reforestation and conservation projects. Like her grandmother, she avidly studied natural healing and herbal medicine, leading her to contribute to building a rural health clinic and organize organic food distribution cooperatives, while engaging business ventures in forest reclamation that demanded the expertise of contracting with the United States Forest Service, the Bureau of Indian Affairs, Atlantic Richfield and Exxon Oil Company. This hands-on background, integrated an ample degree of practical expertise that would be vital to becoming a servant of humanity.  

As her children grew to adulthood, she traversed the globe delving into the world's spiritual wealth in the remote reaches of the Himalayas, the jungles of the Amazon, the highlands of the Andes, the temples of ancient Egypt, and the Mayan Yucatan. Her thirst for the headwaters of wisdom, led her to be welcomed into the tribal ceremonies of Native Americans in the West as well as in the monasteries and caves of Tibet and Nepal. Significant years immersed in the Holy Land, following in the footsteps of the saints and prophets, provided an immense diversity of direct experience and a deep compassion for humanity's struggles.

Compelled to unify all paths, she began to organize her spiritual writings into an eloquent synthesis of eastern and western streams of wisdom into what became the Universal Archives of the Royal Path, a source of inspiration for countless readers from all walks of life. Recognized internationally as a master teacher in the early 1990's, she soon founded her institute for the divine sciences, offering credentialed programs for meditation and the transformational arts in the United States and Europe. Further exemplifying a 'feet on the ground' approach, she expanded her interests to planetary sustainability and human values, becoming involved with international NGO's, environmental initiatives and humanitarian projects, giving her in-depth insight on the glaring urgency of global issues. This led her to found the Peace Promise Initiative in Israel in early 2000 that sponsored seminars for world peace in the Middle East.

The near epic range of her global experiences, from her dedication to planetary prosperity, to her life-changing quest for the ageless masters who appeared and disappeared into the mists of the high Himalayas is indeed groundbreaking. As a tireless servant of humanity, her largess of global awareness is nothing less than remarkable and her life story even more so. Yet, what is inspiring for many seekers, is that Rishi Devra's homage to the divine has always been balanced by the joys and rigors of raising children and grandchildren, which she heartfully continues today as a spiritually awakened household

With her illumination in full radiance, Devra continued to exemplify a 'feet on the ground' approach, expanding her focus for global awareness to a wide range of scientific and technological fields, as well as global financial systems, planetary sustainability and all aspects of human values. Organizing and attending conferences for world peace and humanitarian governance increased her involvement with international leadership groups, humanitarian projects in regions of conflict, environmental initiatives and international think-tanks which enabled her to gain a wide range of insight on the glaring urgency of contemporary global issues. She founded the Peace Promise Initiative in early 2000, a humanitarian endeavor that sponsored expos and seminars for world peace in the Middle East. Her time spent in regions of conflict enabled her to have a visceral appreciation of the human devastation that came with the ravages of war and famine, and its inevitable impact on the entirety of the planetary system, all the while continually immersing ever deeper in the Divine. As the founder of our institute for meditative life mastery, her hands on life approach enables her to be especially sensitive to modern life in its full context of demands, at the same time that she brings a profound eloquence to all that she does. She is as practical in her pragmatic logic, as she is sublime in her divine grace. 

Many books could easily be filled to the brim with the range and complexity of her global experiences, from her educational work on world peace and prosperity, to her life-changing quest for the ageless masters who appeared and disappeared into the mists of the high Himalayas. Yet, in the midst of a virtual plethora of worldly experience, the example of her endeared grandmother was a constant, as Devra's steady homage to the divine, has always been balanced by the rigors of raising children and grandchildren that continues today. As a tireless servant of humanity whose coherence of authenticity is ever-present, her largess of planetary awareness is nothing less than remarkable and her life story even more so. She has engaged many enlightened endeavors over the years and currently is devoted to serving as a bridge for bringing the beauty of eastern sacred art and antiquities to the west, as a reminder of the ancient traditions that bring devotion and meditation into creating the enduring timelessness of sacred art.