Journey to Tengboche Monastery
Near Mount Everest

The Rishi

Names of Endearment


Like flowers on a golden garland and footsteps on the path, the Rishi's  life story reflects a rapid metamorphosis of over six decades, that has come with many names of endearment and landmarks of awakening along the way. Her spiritual name, "Rishi Devra Surya Sai Adi Maa Durga Devi," is translated as "master of sacred wisdom, solar mother of divine blessing, archetype of universal unity, protector of humanity and deity of primordial empowerment." Adi Maa, Rishi Maa, and Surya Maa are all terms of revered endearment. She is also referred to as Dr. Devra Patton West when introduced for formal occasions in respect of her pundit status in interfaith circles, Doctorate of Divinity and mastery in transpersonal psychology.

The Rishi’s Path of Mastery... The Rishi is honored as an enlightened master, rishi of the royal path and divine grace healer, who brings the profound power of divine dispensation for the completion of karmic patterns. In respect of her deep insight as visionary and clairvoyant, many fondly refer her to as "The Phoenix," a nickname that has proven its merit over the years. She is also affectionately called "Little Mother of Sagarmatha" referring to the Tibetan name for Mount Everest in local Sherpa dialect. Rishi's spiritual roots have been deepened by the Native American traditions, She has also been given honorary names by Henry Pollingyama of the Hopi Tribe, Medicine Bear Chief of the Ojibwee Blackfoot Tribe, as well as by Tellus Good Morning, elder of the Taos Tribe of New Mexico.

The Rishi’s Regency of Service...Yet, beyond all these endearments, she is revered as a Regent of the Brotherhood of Light, in whose care rests the Universal Archives of the Royal Path o Divine Raja, a direct transmission from the immortal masters, hence their reference to her as "Mother of Ten Thousand Suns" in her advanced transcripts for adepts. Her pilgrimages throughout Tibet, led her to the Valley of The Masters, after which her world mission for global enlightenment began in earnest. Thus, her varied pen names are reflected throughout our website, as the indelible jewels of her spiritual journey, while she is also endeared to her grandchildren and family members who simply call her Grandmother.