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Modern Mastery and Divine Service

The Clarion Call of Awakening

From The Rishi…

“ The Royal Path converges a divine synthesis of all spiritual paths to ultimately convene the overarching reality of the Absolute Oneness of Existence. There are four distinct but intertwined paths of soul expansion, sacred knowledge and divine service that offer the initiate both illumination by direct transmission and spiritual learning through the Methods of the Masters, from the Rishi’s remarkable syllabus of sacred teachings. The Royal Path hails directly from The Universal Halls of illumination, empowering the initiate to become the master as well as the servant and guardian of sacred knowledge, and thus to become God Realized to provide the benevolent stewardship that serves all souls and all kingdoms in consummation the full embodiment of divine presence. I have always known the master teachings of the Royal Path. They are part of me. They are the voice of my heart

I have convened four exquisite paths of illumined learning for the modern initiate that combine my sacred teachings, the mastery methods of the spiritual hierarchy and the direct transmission of the purely divine. Each path shares many antidotes from my personal process of awakening, bringing the deepest humanity into the most sublime of the Royal Path Master Teachings. The core transmission building the ligh-tbbody and the for core message of the teachings is food for the soul. They are the voice of my heart. Thus, I offer you their enduring truth and omniscient love as a beacon of light for all generations to come. The Royal Path opens a gateway beyond time, that can be appreciated as the means by which the advancing soul receives spiritual initiation into The Lighted Way of the Great Masters, and the sacred knowledge whereby the secrets of the ages are revealed on the nature of true reality, the soul's inherent divinity, the flowering of god consciousness and role that the phenomena of time and manifestation plays throughout the cosmos. The teachings carry a powerfully palpable energy transmission of the wisdoms being conveyed. They also provide in detail, the Methods of the Masters for the transformative empowerment of conscious co-creation for living a consummate life of self-mastery."


Are You Called?

Activation for Higher Consciousness

Accelerated Awakening 

Transformational Healing

Completing the Karmic Wheel 

Personal Excellence in Divine Service

Enlightened Philanthropy and Allied Endeavor

Are you called?   Convening the destiny souls, the lotus born and what prophecy has called the 144,000 has always been my divine calling. Opening the gateways of time to usher forth the living light of the Universal Archives is my highest calling. One by one, the Sacred Jewels of the Royal Path will be revealed to those who truly seek a higher order of life and the divine design by which their unique form of service will be empowered to uplift, transform and lead the way to a new time of planetary awakening. This is the legacy that burns in my heart. The Royal Path bestows the brilliance of the golden flame that beckons God Realized souls to emerge triumphant in the midst of the strife and upheaval that defines this time of planetary transition. As such, it is the distillation of the collective wisdom begotten from all yogic and spiritual paths combined. As the grand synthesis that consummates the enlightened state, it is the wellspring of the divine wherein all spiritual paths and yogic traditions must ultimately converge.

Are you drawn to the ancient teachings? During past epochs of Earth's immense span of stellar history, the supreme raja of these teachings has traditionally been offered solely to those priests and oracles, kings and pharaohs, elders and illumined yogis in whose hands the stewardship of souls and the wellbeing of realms and empires was entrusted. However, in its full premise of endowment, the Royal Path was rarely unveiled and yet its indelible footprints can be found in the deeply mystical traces of the ancient Judaic, Essene, Mayan, Egyptian, Tibetan, Vedic and Indigenous priesthoods. I have walked in their footsteps, literally and spiritually, having sought the headwaters of illumination directly from the secluded elders of the Himalayas of Tibet, India and Nepal, to the most remote regions of the Andes and Amazon, as well as through multiple pilgrimages to Egypt, the Holy Land and sacred sites the world over. I also know from first hand experience, that the gossamer footprints of the Royal Path can be traced far beyond the accepted timeframes of these cultures, in the divine memory that has been stirred into awakening as the quickening of human consciousness is being activated in tandem with the incoming wheels of light that have long been prophesized and foretold.

Do you have an inner imperative for Supreme Illumination? Held in common appreciation by the eastern traditions, the outer-sheath of the raja yoga aspect of the Royal Path has long been revered as the yoga of supreme logic. While this eastern portrayal holds true, the more obscure inner sheath of the Royal Path is revealed solely by direct transmission and the systemic initiations that vibrationally open the corridors of time. Thus, the direct transmission of the Royal Path conveys the pure consciousness and all-loving grace that is devoid of cultural, religious or time-bound colorations including those of the eastern vein, while also being profoundly life-changing, deeply transformative, and thus, restorative of the full arc of divine memory throughout time.

Are you ready for liberation in this life time?  What is bestowed is beyond what words can possibly convey. Obscure and rarified though it may be, the Royal Path forever remains the Crown Jewel of the Godhead, the consummation of all paths, the divine homecoming of the soul's return to the ultimate Oneness of the Great Life, within which all lives unfold and are consummated as The Timeless Self. If I can but pass the majesty of this mantle of supreme realization to but to a few souls in my lifetime, I am consummated in my mission to secure the full flowering of the Royal Heart that accepts all, embraces all, loves all, serves all and thus unifies all for future generations. Thus, my heart of hearts serves as a gateway to the Corridors of Light that offer passage to the willing soul, to return to the Great Heart God and through the steadfast homeward path, thus you too are called to embody, precept and transmit the path, that others might also find the salvation of the Divine Homecoming, through the illumination of the human vessel, and so too, we are the Way Showers and Wisdom Keepers, the Destiny Souls, the White Fire Anointed, The Lotus Born, the Ark of the Holy Return, the Crown Jewel of the Godhead....The Divine Humanity manifest.


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