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As a Rishi of the Royal Path, beloved Master Teacher Devra was been endowed to bring through the pristine illumination of enlightened teachings into modern comprehension, from the most rarified vibrational transmissions to the most practical discourse for everyday life. Her books, videos and audio teachings, retreats and intensives are profoundly imbued with divine presence and a scared path wherein all paths must ultimately unify.

Please be warmly invited to explore, to discover, and to unfold your divine journey in the presence of an awakened spiritual master, whose gift of illumination is both rare and profoundly palpable, a true gift of light to all who long for accelerated awakening and inner healing.



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For the Golden Flame of Divine Science

Welcome to the Rishi’s glossary of words, terms and definitions, an eloquent synthesis of ancient and contemporary, as well as eastern and western sacred knowledge, from rare esoteric knowledge, to fresh perspectives on the rising light of new age wisdom teachings.


A traditional ceremony or ritual in the Hindu Faith of waving a special platter of of burning camphor before a guru, master teacher or deity in a clock wise direction, representing the offering of one's individuality to the divine principle of Oneness, Divine Presence or a personification of the Deity in similar fashion when lighting a candle or having a processional for a patron saint of the Christian faith.


An aberration is a mistaken or misdirected pattern of falsehood, a misrepresentation of truth about a circumstance or a distortion in a timeline; also called a rift in time. This term can be used to describe personality flaws that prevent a Divine Quality or Divine Archetype from manifesting.


The divine granting of dispensation for karmic debts as a result of meritable acts of retribution resulting in balancing the karmic scale. Immersion in the Truth of the Absolute, absolving illusionary individuated consciousness - the moment wherein the release from a karmic cycle is granted.

Adam Kadmon

A biblical reference for the Christ-like, perfected human, wherein the flesh sheath becomes the temple of the divine presence and thus the physical life achieves perfection as the house of divine embodiment.


A spiritually mature soul who has achieved the witness state and has brought the mind, emotions and actions under the control of the higher self or soul. Indicates an initiate of higher consciousness, who is gaining mastery and no longer is driven by the lower nature; has command of the lower vehicles of the mental, emotional and physical bodies. The adept has crossed through the veils of separation, thereby dedicating their personal incarnation to be a fact of Oneness and this is in service to humanity and the Earth.


Adi-Ananta - which means ”first cause,” is a Hindu, Buddhist, and Theosophical term meaning the first envelope of reality of the first cosmic ether, or the first cause of Adi-Ananta which is the unity of infinity emanating the first finite one, called  Brahm or Brahim in Hinduism and the divine monad by theosophical thought. The name Adam of the Bible, as the first man, has its roots in Adi-Ananta.



An eastern term overarching the general causal principle of fire in the cosmos, as the divine property of mind, power and will. An example of usage that implies the presence of cosmic agni in the term Fire of Mind, which the author has also named her publishing company.

Agni Lords

The Gods and Deity of Cosmic Fire; the High Lords of Divine Will that build and destroy the forms of the cosmos, either withdrawing into dissolution cosmic cycles or setting into motion new galactic and universal cycles of creation into manifestation.

Ajna Center

A Hindu term in origin, commonly accepted to describe the all-seeing third eye or third chakra of spiritual sight. The opening of the ajna center, or third eye, does not in and of itself constitute clairvoyance, but rather enables the initiate to be the recipient of the soul's intuitive capacity. This largely deals with the ability to receive divine impression, and to comprehend the soul's mission on Earth as well as the Divine Plan at planetary and universal levels. Clairvoyance, involving the ability to perceive subtle fields, such as the auric field, may or may not be activated when the ajna center opens.

Akasha/Akashic Records

Imperishable records of universes, solar systems, planets and souls. In the case of a soul it is the etheric impression or record of a person's every word, thought, deed or act; the summation of a soul's journey from universal birth to cosmic fulfillment.

Alice Bailey

Some years after Rishi Devra commenced the initiations, she discovered that the Alice Bailey writings emphasized similar principles and understandings, to those that Rishi Devra had received since 1967 through direct transmission from the Ascended Masters. Alice Bailey's books, written between 1919 and 1954, although influenced by the world history of the time, were nonetheless a notable body of channeled material on the teachings Brotherhood of Light, largely transmitted to her through divine impression from Master Djwhal Khul, also known as The Tibetan.


The Nectar of Immortality, understood as Divine essence, the holy distillation of pure love. The substance that nurtures immortal life and is said to commence manifestation as a human soul is nearing ascension in preparation for realization of the Immortal Body. Also related to Soma - Amrit Soma is a sacred secretion that is manifest from the spiritual aspect of the human glandular system, as a result of activation of the life force within this sacred essence. The activation of the highly refined and rarified subtle energy of the kundalini is the more gross level of the Divine Essence of Amrit, which is a phenomena of pure divinity.


A Sanskrit term that translates simply as bliss, but it refers to an abstract plane of cosmic existence and consciousness experienced as bliss. The place of existence correlates with the levels of human enlightenment, in that as enlightened consciousness expands, it accesses the bliss sheath of subtle matter, or ananda-maya-kosa, which is ultimately realized as a state of oneness, oneness with God and with all of life. The Jiva soul is the individualized consciousness, which incarnates through many lifetimes, until it ultimately realizes its oneness with creation and becomes the Ananda soul, which is eternal.

Ancient Elders of Creation

Refers to the councils of creation guardianship that have overseen the emergence and prospering of kingdoms and life forms throughout the universe; humanity's protectors and guides at the highest levels.

Ancient of Days

Refers to the sacred beginnings of this universe, wherein the higher purpose of the divine plan for creation for the eventuation, maturation and perfecting of the form side of life was set the upon its course of time-bound realization… from concept, to initiating manifestation, to the sustaining and perfecting of the divine decrees and blueprints of creation. As a collective act of creation, the deity of consciousness for this cosmic day convened in pure love, pure mind and pure will to allow for the divine genesis of their union in universal divine purpose to rise upon the tides of time. The mothers and fathers of the Ancient of Days have esoterically been referenced as the Universal Council of 12, as well as the 144,000 godheads collectively.

Angel of the Presence

(1) Also called the Solar Angel, the Godly Presence that is projected into earthly manifestation, as enlightenment is achieved and the human incarnation becomes a Temple for Divine Presence. Since it is one with God, it is angelic in substance. Even though we are humans, we are on a parallel line of evolution with the angelic kingdom, and the Solar Angel is the true higher self and/or spiritual guardian of every human soul until such time as the planetary soul-presence is absorbed into the Solar Presence as a progression of spiritual development and higher evolution.

(2)The Angel of the Presence is one of the names of the human soul, at the level of the seventh dimension. It refers to a state of consciousness in which we are aware that we are the consciousness of divine presence projecting into a human incarnation. As the Solar Presence is anchored through the mastery of omni-enlightment, it becomes the residing primary intelligence and focal point of empowerment for a human incarnation, thus opening the expansion of consciousness to universal and cosmic realms of the One Self which then becomes the over-soul aspect or focal point of consciousness for enlightened masters, cohans, regents and avatars.

Angels/Angelic Kingdom

The angels are the direct manifestations of the creator, The One, sent forth into creation to serve the highest purposes that benefit all life forms. They are direct representatives of The One, and as such, are beings of unfathomable beauty and omnipotence. They are in service solely and absolutely to the creator. Angels oversee the form-building line of evolution, and their work is found at every level of form-building. They supervise the devas and elementals who are charged with ensouling and holding the form for all manifested things.


Anointing in light refers to the descent of the Holy Spirit into human consciousness. More broadly understood as the infusion of the perfection of the God-mind into human receptivity. Spiritual anointing is not to be confused or limited to a mere ceremony, although the sacred anointing through living holy water can also be an activator for the descent of the over-souling light of higher consciousness.

Antahkarana Bridge

The rainbow bridge, the pillar of light, the divine corridor, the soul stream, are all terms commonly used to describe this pathway of entry into higher consciousness. This bridge is built with intent…the mental substance of concentrated focus… the quality of that focus becoming more refined as greater levels of consciousness are accessed.


Greek word meaning revelation, usually referring to events described in the Book of Revelation from the Holy Bible.

Arc of Conveyance

Esoteric term from the Royal Path teachings that broadly relates to a full round of information that conveys a complete idea or scope of sacred knowledge. As a rishi master, the author is an experiential teacher who dwells in the cosmic constant and thus imparts a full arc of conveyance with her transmission of divine presence, as well as an integrated wholeness of understanding to her teachings; also relates to the term arcs of time that are the cosmic force fields that form arcs of interconnection between the dimensions upon which consciousness, information and time travel is possible.


The original aspects and attributes of God Consciousness, coalesced into an aggregate of consciousness based upon the intelligence and characteristics of the 12 great rays; divine archetypes exemplify the universal divine personas that comprise the human blueprint as prototypes; the lens through which we view the world; different roles or characters that are played throughout one's life which shape thoughts and actions.

Ascended Master

Souls who have made the progression beyond the temporal flesh into the lightbody manifestation of consciousness; many of the world's great spiritual teachers who have passed to the other side, but remain with Earth and humanity in spirit as lights of wisdom and salvation, guiding the spiritual progression of humanity and earthly kingdoms.


(1) An ashram is a spiritual school, usually gathered around a particular teacher, although there are universal ashrams that are what you might call the working groups of the universal Brotherhood of Light.

(2) Ashram means spiritual school. It is usually used to refer to a school of spiritual teaching, organized by and through an enlightened Master, whether incarnate or discarnate. The Ashram of The Christ is a multidimensional spiritual lineage of universal wisdom. The word ashram here on Earth can also be used to imply any group of like-minded souls joining together in spiritual community for the purpose of establishing a higher order divine life.


Atlantis, first introduced into western thought by Plato, was the home of the 4th root race, and was a profound time for humanity, of unfolding and deepening of individuality, as well as the misuse of power. The Atlantean drama, particularly the way Atlantis was destroyed, set the stage for the intensification of the widespread planetary imbalance that is presently our global dilemma.

Atma Soul

The God-realized soul at universal levels. Is considered as the higher self or oversouling aspect of the Solar Angel of the Presence.


Self; the immortal indwelling self.


One who incarnates in service to God and humanity for a specific time period on any planet. Sathya Sai Baba was considered to be a world avatar, who was born enlightened, manifesting the siddhi abilities of appearing/disappearing, levitation, manifesting objects through the ethers, and controlling the weather and elements.


Science of longevity founded by ancient Indian sages.