The Rishi’s Lotus Memberships ~ COMING SOON 

The Universal Royal Path Archives Library


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Complied from over 30 years of Rishi Devra’s audio transmissions and discourses, each teaching is a jewel on the path and a potent catalyst for omni-awakening. The Rishi’s archives offer audio, video and written teachings:  Transmission Teachings which are a high-vibrational transcendental form of enlightened teachings.  Divine Discourses which are soul-based lectures ideal for the integration of Divine Light. Experiential Trainings which offer the Methods of the Masters that guide the practioner in practicums for mastery. Our 3- tier subscription membership gives progressively greater access to the archives. As you explore the topic guide and membership, we welcome you to the membership of your choice to receive the emanation of the Great Masters and Rishis.


Lotus Membership

Introduction to Omni Awakening

The Blue Lotus subscription is offered free of charge and gives access to an introductory experience of the Archives and Rishi Devra’s teachings. This offering is a gift of love and blessing for all who enter her Raja Gateway that continues in its emanation each day through her pre-dawn meditations and daily broadcasts sent out to all seekers and initiates for global awakening.


Lotus Membership

Sacred Endowments for Enlightenment

The Golden Lotus Membership activates the optimum Lines of Force for Awakening the New Potential for Omni Enlightenment, through the direct transmission of the Great Rishis of the Royal Path. Golden Lotus Membership provides adepts, initiates, master healers and awakened teachers entrance into the sacred thresholds of the Great Halls of Illumination and the Rishi’s most rarified transmissions and writings.


Lotus Membership

Activation for Omni Illumination

 Awakening, Healing and Co-Creation 

The White Lotus Membership is for the sincere seeker committed to anchoring their progression of higher consciousness beyond the initial thresholds of the ‘Quickening in Oneness’ stage of illumination. The Rishi Devra welcomes White Lotus Members entry into the deeper levels of her archives to receive the radiance of Omni Awakening through her transmissions and discourses designed for the Spiritual Adept. White Lotus members receive an intensification of her daily pre-dawn broadcasts to activate the steady progression through all stages of awakening,  light-body expansion and integration of Oneness Consciousness into all aspects of personal and professional daily life.