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Jewels of Wisdom for Contemporary Initiates

THE UNIVERSAL ARCHIVES are a sacred repository of the Rishi’s meditations, transmissions and discourses, many of which are transmitted directly from the Great Halls of Illumination.  As one of the foremost compilations of enlightened teachings in the world, they hold over 3 decades of written and audio teachings, providing an unparalleled treasury on the divine sciences, an enriching road map to awakening, and a training guide for healers and teachers. They also hold the Rishi’s most rarified transmissions which are renowned as a potent catalyst for the vibratory quickening of God Realization. 

Organized into four primary categories, there are seven pillars or topics within each category that convey wisdom teachings for enlightened mastery and the transformational arts. Divine service is central to all of the topics and cultivating ones life as the awakened instrument is the Rishi’s guiding legacy for future generations.

Omni Awakening | Raja Healing | Divine Co-creation | World Service

the universal archives glossary

A Synthesis of Sacred Knowledge

Welcome to the Rishi’s glossary for the Royal Path Master Teachings, an eloquent synthesis of ancient and contemporary, eastern and western sacred knowledge from around the world, offering an indepth compilation on a wide range terms and definitions, from rare esoteric knowledge, to profound insights on eastern spirituality and fresh perspectives on the rising light of new age wisdoms.

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