Transformational Tools for Mastery 

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Jewels on the Path for Spiritual Initiation

A rare read of depth and illumination, Rishi Devra weaves together an extraordinary range of sacred knowledge and her personal experience from over three decades of guiding initiates to "take initiation,"as well as to prepare for entering the higher thresholds, as well as the essential integration that sustains lasting awakening. As a conscious initiate since the age of seven, she brings the foundational elements of the true path of initiation into a realistic perspective, with an eloquent synthesis of eastern and western sacred wisdom, inclusive of the Ancient Egyptian pharaohnic parallels. A treatise of profound truth and humanity, as well as rare esoteric knowledge, this book will stand as a major landmark from many generations to come on the origin and timeless divine forces involved with authentic initiation and increases of vibration the initiate must engage and sustain to embody living mastery.



Wisdom Teachings for the New Potential

From Rishi Devra's Lighted Way series on the divine sciences, this phenomenal book is true food for the soul, offering transmission teachings and profound insights from her personal journey as a master teacher. An indispensable, must read for the dedicated seeker on topics essential to the process of awakening: Transcendence, Enlightened Masters, Spiritual Tests, Light-body Activation, Inner Healing, Paranormal Phenomena. A masterful guide on authentic awakening and process of spiritual healing and transformation for seekers from all traditions and philosophies.


Sarah's Promise

The Quest for Peace in the Middle East

An enlightening book of timely relevance, Sarah's Promise shares the intimate story of a Master Teacher's nine-year journey through the Holy Land. An absorbable and intriguing read from cover to cover, the author weaves together her hands-on experiences, with the mystical history of Christian, Muslim and Jewish traditions. Based upon her own challenges and dilemmas of enjoining with other peacemakers and NGO's in this conflict-ridden region, Sarah's Promise offers fresh insights about the Arab-Israeli conflict and the destiny of Israel to be a focal point of decision for entire world.


The Christ Heart

The Illumination of the Masters Spiritual Initiation and Enlightenment

The Illumination of the Great Masters... an 800 page master piece and treatise on Spiritual Initiation, Enlightenment, and the Divine Destiny of the Human Soul. The profoundly riveting story of the author's six decade journey of awakening, with detailed diagrams and rare accounts of the spiritual hierarchy, clairvoyant insights on the light body and what it means to pioneer the path of the modern initiate and embody the divine as a western illusionary and world server. This treasured gem of sacred writings has become a landmark must read for seekers from all traditions.



The Poornam Mantra is an ageless chant that emanates the Eternal Truth of Infinite Being, the foundational wellspring of Rishi Devra’s teachings for an awakened life of service and higher purpose. Profoundly heart opening, meditative and transcendent, Rishi Devra’s presence moves throughout the resonance of the mantra, beckoning you to immerse in the transmission of God Consciousness. The divine principle of abundance that the Poornam bestows, awakens your truth of being to become both receptive and invocational of the birthright of peace and prosperity for all souls: a gem among all sacred mantras for the emergence of God Consciousness.

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The sacred call for the primordial presence of the Solar Heart of the Divine Mother, the Surya Devi Chant is a deeply penetrating journey into the sacred power of God Consciosuness through the feminine power aspect of fearless. The Surya Goddess is known by many names, the creator and destroyer God of the Hindu faith and is invoked throughout the eastern world for help and assistance overcoming obstacles and seeking release from illusion and falsehood. The transcendent nature of this chant allows the meditator to enter a devotional state with the power of divine creation and destruction. Love becomes the gateway to the divine forces, enabling the seeker of liberation to appreciate and merge with the universal primordial powers, rather than fear them. The Surya Devi Chant chant celebrates the power of the divine feminine and opens the solar gateways for divine blessings and intervention.

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