Heavenly Pashmina Cashmere

Meditation Shawls from the Himalayas

Authentic Pashmina...the finest cashmere in the world.

100 % donation goes to Nepal earth quake victims!

Hand-crafted by the indigenous tribal cultures of the high Himals, the "Pashm" wool is especially refined and creamy soft to the touch. Stewardship of the pashm goats is a sacred art handed down through the generations. The goats are treated as family members, are caringly herded and groomed throughout their lives. Then the wool is skillfully hand-woven to provide exceptional warmth, yet to also be wonderfully lightweight and heavenly soft to the touch. Our meditation shawls are brought to you directly from the looms of our dedicated weavers of Katmandu and are exceptionally perfect for all meditators, because their delicate fibers hold the 'shakti of meditation,' to wrap yourself in divine energy each time you sit for contemplation, reading or meditation. Rishi's shawls are embellished with her beautiful satin signature labels with gold embroidery... Omni Awakening with Rishi Devra

Wraps a full 82" by 30", in two perfect weights: Ultra Sheer, a rare weave of gossamer light-weight pashmina and Lux Wrap, a medium weight, year round pashmina. They are available in eight beautiful color choices that are inter-changeable for both men and women.

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