The New Potential

The Prime Directive new potential of awakening is quickened in the presence of a master. A teacher of teachers, Devra Adi Maa is the light that shines behind leaders and light bearers from all walks of life. She mentors an accelerated process of spiritual awakening through the holy light of spiritual initiation and the Royal Path of Divine Raja, a universal gateway for soul empowerment and the mastery of sacred knowledge. 


Golden Flame Fellowship

Benefactors and Supporters

Sacred Seva & Service

We are pleased to be the helping hands that bring the life work of Master Teacher Rishi Devra into the avenues of endeavor that are her legacy to global awakening. As an endowing fellowship of supporters and benefactors, we strive to create the steering committees and seva groups that support the Rishi's outreach. The work is enriching and deeply meaningful as well as joyous and high energy! We strive to be socially and environmentally proactive, while advocating collective enlightenment as the means to ensure a better world for all souls. Behind all that we do lies our true purpose "to seek the divine, by serving the divine" and to welcome every opportunity for awakened living that our service unfolds. 

Convene with Rishi Devra

Work directly with Rishi to assist with the Royal Path teachings, writings, projects, and endeavors for enlightenment. This is an auspicious opportunity to learn, grow and serve with one of the few living masters in the West ~ give back, offer your expertise, expand your talents, and make a difference. For information and to express your interest, email or call 480-575-1276. 

Service as Conscious Practice 

Master Teachers offer us an assured gateway to our awakening and the divine remembrance of our own mastery and timeless being. They have forged ahead and opened the way with great sacrifice and determination. They selflessly offer us the wisdom and illumination that they have gained. Rishi Devra Adi Maa serves as a living gateway to self-realization, God-consciousness, and life mastery.  The Master Devra has created the Royal Path Universal Archives of her transmissions and discourses, which stands as one of the most illumined repositories of enlightened teachings in the world.

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Golden Flame Fellowship

Mission Statement

We Commence…

the founding of this organization for the express purpose to serve as benefactors for the life works of the Master Teacher Devra Patton West, her Royal Path Universal Archives, her Institutes for Healing and Higher Consciousness and for all of her expressions of focus now and in perpetuity to enable her outreach of endeavors for global enlightenment to flourish and proliferate.

We Establish…

our  fellowship to generate endowments to fund her efforts to produce works to enlighten humanity, to raise consciousness throughout human affairs, to educate and uplift through universal ideals, to further a benevolent human potential and to orchestrate humanitarian endeavors for those in need whom she deems as recipients.

We Assign…

our endowments to lovingly and abundantly sustain her ability to live and work in keeping with her divine nature for the full manifestation of her life mandates and to orchestrate our efforts in keeping with her life principles as an example to the world of enlightened endeavor and enterprise, as the golden flame of service to her and to humanity.