Meditative Mastery for World Service


Our institute is pleased and privileged to sponsor the life work of Rishi Devra Adi Maa. We are a non-profit organization, missioned to bring her prolific archives of teachings and courses on the divine science of meditation, higher consciousness  and enlightenment to all who seek spiritual development, transpersonal healing and the inner-balance of body, mind and soul. The institute sponsors Rishi Devra’s Royal Path Master Teachings and her signature Omni Meditation, through classes, intensives and retreats for soul-based learning, empowering each practitioner to immerse in the transcendence of direct transmission and expansive states of higher consciousness.

The Rish's meditations, intensives and retreats are offered in an intimate group setting with Rishi at her beautiful scottsdale sanctuary, The Abode of the Masters in the desert highlands just north of Phoenix, with private sessions and intensives offered by request. She also offers special private retreats in Sedona, for her most elevated teachings and transmission of divine grace.  To receive your Newcomers Welcome Brochure contact us at 

Special Invitation for Partnership

Sanctuaries for the Soul

THE VISION .... To foster exceptional life legacies that propel a new potential

THE OPPORTUNITY .... the awaken and empower the few who will influence the many

Omni Institute invites you to become a part of an extraordinary endeavor for creating sacred environments for private retreats and gatherings that foster a new genesis of human potential.  We do not say this lightly and like you, we too have reached a stage of our own life imperative, wherein we feel that only those profound endeavors that truly serve an exceptional higher purpose deserve our attention. Rishi Devra’s Clarion Call is especially extended to the attainment of the supra-genius-state, an accomplishment that benefits the whole of humanity, for those that stay the course toward their full illumination.  Moreover, the rarity of a spiritual master quietly living amongst us is an unprecedented phenomenon here in the West, which brings with it an unparalleled vista for transformational healing and omni awakening. Her one-on-one mentoring for the enlightenment of protoges' is a rare opportunity of the highest accord.

As an enlightened luminary, the Rishi’s very presence elicits higher states of transcendence, the direct transmittal of sacred knowledge and the palpable experience of the divine.  She is here to guide the “destiny souls,” whom she has foreseen will create a pivotal confluence of positive change.  To live an awakened life of refinement and excellence in all worlds of the logos, the soul and the material, is the Rishi’s fundamental message behind our collaborative invitation.  We are calling fellow visionaries and spirit-partners to become part of a dynamic dream team that launches a master plan to manifest a profound vision for the sacred arts in their varied disciplines to reach a zenith of benevolent prosperity.


 While changing the world is indeed a lofty aspiration, changing consciousness is well within our reach.  Our sanctuary projects are geared toward providing sacred environments for the flourishing of the soul's development and higher consciousness.  By igniting the few to achieve an ultimate benevolant  life legacy, we uplift the many worldwide.  Our primary objective embraces a synergistic interplay of public and private spiritual environments for the flourishing of the sacred arts. But moreover these cross-integrated concepts create a magnitude of inspiration and uplifting personal experience for all who partake of the “inspirational arts,” through one-on-one audiences with the Rishi, meditation programs and private mentorships, our sacred art gallery of extraordinary meditative works and antiquities, private retreats with the Rishi for personal mastery, special events for guest speakers and musicians, our artist-in-residence exchange program with the monks of the Mt. Everest region monasteries or our supporting retail enterprises, all of which contribute an experiential dimension for being enveloped in the aura of the sacred, the inspirational and the profound.

Together, the Scottsdale Center for the Sacred Arts and its sister projects, the Sanctuary for the Sacred Arts in Cave Creek and the Shamballa Sanctuary in Sedona, offers a unique commercial application through a multi-use, downtown complex, as well as exquisite spiritual sanctuaries in the desert highlands, as well as in Sedona.