Sanctuary for the sacred

The Abode of the Masters


Each of the Rishi's sanctuaries are sanctified Abodes of the Masters. From the moment you enter the gates, a sense of divine saturation fills the air, inviting you to leave the world behind for retreat and respite. As her honored guest, you are invited to heal and restore your center of being and to awaken the Lotus of the Royal Heart within.

SACRED SANCTUARY PROJECTS.... We invite partners for Rishi’s three primary projects in Arizona, for the flourishing of the sacred arts and the creation of meditative environments. The Scottsdale Center for the Sacred Arts in central Scottsdale, is proposed to convene a spiritual hub in the metro area, via a multi-use, retail complex for our meditation institute, art gallery, restaurant, health and healing modality offices, and lecture/conference space for presenters, artists and musicians.

Currently there is no “unity concept” gathering space in the Phoenix or Scottdale metro area to serve as a central focus for multi-cultural spirituality. The Sacred Arts Sanctuary is a proposal to acquire the historic Flemings Springs Estate, a 60-acre marvel in the desert highlands of Cave Creek, Arizona, that will provide a much-needed spiritual respite from the metro city for retreats and special events. The third and very special project, is The Sanctuary in Sedona, which is proposed to convene the Rishi’s most rarified work, her Sedona Gateway Enlightenment Retreats and will also serve as her international sanctuary. Together, these projects offer the opportunity for a legacy of endeavors here in Arizona with a Living Rishi, that offers something for everyone, as well as a