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Meditations, Discourses and Transmissions

Welcome to Royal Path Master Teachings...
The Rishi's omni-transmissions are offered in audio, video & written discourse formats, providing a dynamic depth of illumination on a wide range of topics, consisting of transmission teachings, guided meditations, training intros, divine discourses and timely messages of crucial global significance. As a spiritual master of profound presence, she is especially dedicated to serving the new era of the modern initiate and spiritual householder, through three vibrational wave-lengths of transcendent learning:

Omni Transmissions for Spiritual Activation
Enlightened Teachings for Initiates
Divine Discourses for Soul-Based Learning

We invite you to attune to the spiritual energy of the Rishi's teachings. For many, the intensity of her transmission is a very powerful transcendent experience. Entering states of samadhi and divine union are common. Simply open and trust the sacredness of your awakening. While her teachings are intellectually enriching and her Shakti of Oneness opens the gateways for the palpable experience of The Divine.